HAUNTED BOWELS - Craig Collins Collected Comics Vol 1

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Haunted Bowels - Craig Collins Collected Comics Volume 1.

A collection of small press comedy comics - gruesome gags and oddball humour, surreal comedy and morbid light entertainment. Omniscient beings, strange cowboys, troubled poets and unruly spectres and much more await within...! Nominated for Best Comic and Best Writer at the 2012 Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards.

Sized A5, 28 pages Black and White with colour cover. Chocked to the gills with comics and featuring art by:

Dave Alexander, James Corcoran, Iain Laurie, Paul McCann, Rob Miller, Nulsh, Curt Sibling, Robert Thomson and Jacek Zabawa.

Note - some adult humour. Thanks for checking it out!


"Be warned that Collins’ work is not for the faint of heart, but if – like me – you prefer your black comedy to be so far into the darkness that all light is extinguished, then definitely get your paws on this... Some are big, some are clever, and those that ain’t will make you grin." Comics Beat.

"Yep, funny and surreal, dark, gruesome fun inside with a series of wildly different art styles..." Forbidden Planet.

"In the strips that make up Haunted Bowels, Collins combines clever bad taste humour with perceptive pop cultural parody... ruthless satirical swagger" Broken Frontier.

"That dichotomy between wry observational humour and outright bad taste lies at the heart of Collins’ best work... Collins’ love of horror elevates his comics to the extent that I suspect we’re only getting a glimpse of what he’s be capable of on a more sustained project" Starburst Magazine

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