Medieval Times - Full Set of Six (only £15)


Medieval Times - Full Set of Six (only £15!).

The full set of six comics of the the Medieval Times series, following the fortune and calamity of six different soldiers in the English Army as they invade France in the Hundred Years War, each inspired by the figurine enclosed within the comic.

Six hand-made full colour A7 microcomic, 8 pages plus covers, plus the Medieval soldier miniature figure who inspired the story, one comic of a set of six Medieval Times comics created by Craig Collins and Mark Brady.

"The premise is absolute gold, and provides a perfect opportunity for Collins to display his distinctly unusual way of looking at things alongside Brady’s charming, colourful artwork." Big Comic Page.

"The true genius of these minicomics is not in their amusing historical slapstick bur rather in the relatable social satire of Collins and Brady’s concise set pieces... Each vignette is just a half dozen or so pages but they’re six perfectly paced panels with overlapping elements that build into something far greater than the sum of their parts." Broken Frontier.