About Me

Hello! Welcome to my Big Cartel store, where you can pick up a copy of my small press comics.

A bit about me - I'm a comic writer from Glasgow producing mostly small press comics. I've had comics in a number of anthologies and magazines including the Viz, Scream horror magazine and Top Shelf 2.0. In collaboration with Iain Laurie I've created the acclaimed surreal horror comedy comics Roachwell and Crawl Hole, both of which were nominated for Best Comic and Best Writer in the Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards, and also the experimental supervillian battle royale comic Metrodome.

New for 2016 is my collaboration with Mark Brady Medieval Times, six hand-made miniature comics containing the medieval warrior figure who inspired them! I also occasionally do a bit of drawing, my first real go and a DIY zine being the ultimate Ross Geller fanzine, launched at Glasgow Comic Con 2016. Please have a look about, and if you're ordering anything then no doubt some of my Pophammer microcomics will also creep their way into your envelope!

Thanks for stopping by.